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Self-erecting tower cranes Stockholm

Self-erecting tower cranes

Self-erecting tower cranes are suitable for jobs where space is at a premium and you need to relocate frequently. Self-erecting tower cranes are commonly used for infrastructure and foundation works. They can be transported on a trailer or mounted on a bogie and towed behind a tractor unit. On site, they can be relocated using a small mobile crane. Some self-erecting tower crane models are mounted on crawler chassis and can be moved under their own steam using a remote control

Our self-erecting tower cranes

The Liebherr 34K is adaptable in terms of radius and hook height.

The Liebherr 53 K is adaptable in terms of radius and hook height. Up to three tower sections can be installed with its fast climbing equipment.

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he Liebherr 81K.1 offers a hook height of up to 61.7 metres in the raised position and a lifting radius of up to 48 metres in a compact format.