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Crane service

Cranes since 1951

Crane lifting, heavy handling and design services

All our jobs have one thing in common: something that is too heavy for others has to be lifted or relocated. We mainly use mobile cranes and tower cranes for this, as well as crane trucks, skylifts and other construction machinery.

Every job is unique

Every job presents unique challenges and opportunities. This is something that we address with our broad experience and expertise and our constant focus on innovation and quality.

Not for nothing is BinSell a highly respected name in the industry. Nothing is too big or too heavy for us, thanks to our high-quality equipment and talented staff!

Do you have a challenge for us?

We enjoy finding solutions to unique situations. We are Sweden’s leading problem solver when it comes to lifting and heavy handling. Give us a try – we can take it!

Lifting using mobile cranes and construction cranes

Our core business involves lifting using mobile cranes and tower cranes, sometimes known as construction cranes. The crane type most suitable for the job will depend entirely on the type of lifting to be done and the estimated duration of the project. Mobile cranes Mobile cranes can be relocated quickly, and operate in confined spaces and off-road.

Heavy handling involves moving heavy things into the right place

Heavy handling is what you can resort to when the new conventional ways of moving a heavy object fail. A crane might not be able to access the area. The site may be inside a building, or in a cavern. Our handy little tools can access confined spaces.

CAD technology improves and simplifies matters

BinSell was one of the first companies in the industry to use CAD technology to create blueprints and construction drawings. This gives both us and our customers the best prospects for planning complex projects. No surprises Designing complete, three-dimensional drawings of construction sites allows us to simulate machine setups to check lifting parameters and safe distances

Examples of common jobs

Conditions are unique to almost every job: this is something we have learned from decades of lifting and heavy handling projects. However, some job types occurr more frequently than others. An introduction to what the different types of machines are typically used for is presented below. Mobile cranes Mobile cranes are very commonly used for home construction, boat lifting, casting, pipelaying, etc.

We have the right equipment for every situation

We have a wide range of lifting accessories for all types of jobs. We also hire out lifting equipment individually if so required. We provide crane accessories as well as specific heavy handling equipment. Please contact our central switchboard for more information. Our accessories We use both standard accessories and accessories which we have designed ourselves so that the most suitable tools are available for every job

When hiring a mobile crane or construction crane

At BinSell, we accept full responsibility for the jobs we have the pleasure of carrying out, whether they involve mobile cranes, construction cranes or heavy handling. You will always encounter professional assistance and a positive attitude when you call us! We work together to help one another.



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Proof of quality and concern for the environment

BinSell in Stockholm holds accreditation to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Globally recognised ISO 9001 certification is proof of our emphasis on quality, giving our customers confidence that we can guarantee the quality of our services.

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