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More than 60 years of experience of mobile cranes, tower cranes and crane trucks in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala.


Crane training is important when it comes to preparing operators for these responsible roles. Providing training in safety, technology and the practical use of cranes allows professionals to develop the skills they need for success in this field. That said, it is also important for them to update and renew their training regularly so that they can keep up with industry developments.

Lifting supervisors

Lifting supervisors and crane operators play a crucial part in the construction and industrial sector by ensuring that lifting operations using cranes are carried out safely and efficiently. A well-trained lifting supervisor is key to creating a safe working environment and avoiding potential hazards. They can keep the risk of accidents to a minimum by understanding and applying safety regulations and best practices.

To sum up: lifting supervisors and crane training programmes are two crucial components when it comes to ensuring safety and efficiency on sites where cranes are used. Investing in training and development allows us to go on improving site safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

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Proof of quality and concern for the environment

BinSell in Stockholm holds accreditation to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. Globally recognised ISO 9001 certification is proof of our emphasis on quality, giving our customers confidence that we can guarantee the quality of our services.

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