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Heavy handling in Stockholm

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Heavy handling is what you can resort to when the new conventional ways of moving a heavy object fail. A crane might not be able to access the area. The site may be inside a building, or in a cavern. Our handy little tools can access confined spaces. Our ingenuity and technical skills come to the fore once our tools are in place. Building a trestle or putting objects on “skates” is all part of the daily routine for our teams.

Binsell Tunghantering i Stockholm AB relocates, lifts and positions your heavy objects. A building, an autoclave, a safe – or anything you might have that is heavier than you can handle on your own. Want to transport something around the corner? Or to Kualalumpur? You make the choice, we get the job done.

We use tried and tested old technology using jacks and pulleys, as well as new technology using electric, hydraulic and pneumatic tools.