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Crawler cranes Stockholm

Crawler cranes

Crawler cranes are known by lots of different names: lattice cranes, boom lattice cranes, lattice crawlers, telescopic crawlers. Whatever you call them, high capacity is their primary feature. Once rigged, the crane is easy to move around the construction site between different phases or areas, for example. Like other types of mobile cranes, they come in lots of different sizes with capacities of 3 to 3000 tonnes.

Våra larvburna kranar

A small machine with compact dimensions, the Maeda 785 is agile, flexible and highly capable hydraulic crane.

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The Liebherr LR1160 is an excellent crawler crane for smaller prefabricated installations where a smaller crawler crane is needed

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The LR1250 crawler crane offers outstanding lifting capacity and very compact dimensions (3 m transport width)

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